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A SeaWaves and WordSpace Publication event, with CD and book featuring Sappho’s poem fragments–translated from the Greek by poet Konstantinos Lardas, Pulitzer Prize nominee,  set to music (voice, guitars and marimba) by Jeri Hilderley. A colorful, fun-filled CD Release party to celebrate the passion for life.

I’m tired of pontificating politicians plotting to ruin my life! Let’s go to Josephine’s loft  Saturday night Nov. 14 and get in touch with our Sapphic spirit. It’s free and we can dance up a storm! –Jeri

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015, 7 PM

A private Tribeca Loft Party

Limited seating: Please RSVP to Jeri by Nov. 1

“Come on along and listen to
We’ll meet at JD’s loft
Nov. 14 at seven o’clock.
Jeri and Janet will give a talk with
Lois and Andrea dancing on the spot.
There’ll be Greek cuisine and wine and fun
With Sapphic songs for everyone!”

(To the tune of “Lullaby of Broadway”)





OutWrite is a celebration of LGBT Literature. The weekend is full of book readings, writing workshops, book discussions, poetry readings and more. Several book LGBT publishers regularly exhibit at OutWrite. We will have both new and used LGBT books for sale all day long on Saturday August 1st. The 5th Annual OutWrite LGBT Book Festival will take place Thursday July 30th through Saturday August 1st with most events taking place at the Reeves Center in Washington DC. Most of the book readings and the exhibit hall will take place on Saturday August 1st.

Performance art has been the traditional, natural extension of the writer’s words. This workshop teaches authors how to produce an aural and reading experience via print-on-demand CD and book combos in several easy-to-understand steps. Drawing from the history of lyricism, in which ancient Greek poets sang their verses to avid audiences, author, composer, and performer Jeri Hilderley and author, publisher, performer Janet Mayes share their experience of making poetry available to contemporary audiences the way poetry is often meant to be shared. Audiences, who savor the performance word and can’t always get to coffee houses for live events or find what they want on Youtube, can enjoy breath-taking presentations of literature in such book and CD collaborations.

See the Facebook Event Page

Using Sappho as their muse, these groundbreaking lesbians from the 70’s explore the interconnections of lyrical language with translations, music, technology, and ecstatic love. Hilderley’s music to Konstantinos Lardas’ translations, first performed for LGBTQ audiences in the late 70s, are incorporated into a colorful ‘two gems in a jewel case.’ Hilderley and Mayes chronicle the genesis of their CD, Time Traveling with Sappho: a Love-Song Cycle, and collectors’ reference book (a compilation of essays, translations, scores, libretto, images of Sappho and her original poem fragments in Ancient Greek). They share their experience in shaping this complex, layered creation: a beautiful object people can hold in their hands, take home, and then play, read and enjoy, feeling connected in their own way to a great Greek lyricist poet-singer, wise-woman from the Isle of Lesbos – Sappho, the quintessential first known OutWrite poetess. Who else would be the muse of this 21st Century project?

Jeri Hilderley & Janet Mayes


Time Traveling With Sappho; A Love-Song Cycle

Cover and book/CD packaging design: Virginia Cahill; photo of marble head of Sappho credit: Carole Raddato

Saturday, June 20, 2015, at 7:00pm: Bellydance America, 265 W. 37th St., near 8th Ave., 2nd Fl., NYC

Enjoy Mediterranean hors-d’oeuvres, wine/beverages and belly dancing; then the debut of our passionate song cycle, “Time-Traveling with Sappho.” Q & A with The Seawaves and WordSpace Publications, producers of the CD and jewel case book featuring Sappho’s poem fragments–translated from the Greek by poet Konstantinos Lardas, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and set to music (voice, guitars and marimba) by Jeri Hilderley. A colorful and fun-filled multimedia event to celebrate the release of our time traveling music collage.

Admission: FREE, but please buy a CD (with free download card)!

Two Gems in a Jewel Case:

Lyric poems by Sappho set to original music by Jeri Hilderley for guitars, marimba and voice, presented in a CD jewel case with a full color, 32 page collectors’ book, which includes lyrics, artwork, reproductions of original Greek papyri of Sappho’s lyric poetry, and more. Translations are by Pulitzer Prize nominee Konstantinos Lardas.

About Lardas’ work: “It exists in so many dimensions,…rich, slow, sluggish, languid, sensuous….” “….wonderfully rich…..”
— Austin Warren, American literary critic, author, and professor of English.

“Time Traveling with Sappho is haunting; it speaks to you, gives voice to lesbian love in a way I haven’t heard said before.”
– Sue Harris, Director, Peoples Video Network.

About Jeri’s music: “…ethereal, sensuous, and teasing, the songs are romantic, whimsical, yearning, and fun.”
–Merry Gangemi, Producer, Host, Woman-Stirred Radio, Radio Goddard, GDR.

Praise for the “Time Traveling With Sappho” CD Release party:

“What a fantastic event. Your music is truly extraordinary, and you looked absolutely beautiful, beaming. On the train home, Paul & I ripped into the CD and read about Sappho & the origin of the project. The presentation of the booklet is top rate & perfectly matches your moving musical interpretations of the poetry. (I love the typed fragments from Gus’ [Konstantinos Lardas’] original ms.) I couldn’t get the music / event out of my mind. The dancers added another dimension to the songs . I mean, I was ready to chuck teaching and become a belly dancing disciple! The combination of music and dance was transfixing.” — Marianne Burke, poet [including “Funeral Home”]

“Had a fabulous time! The professionalism of the production was impressive, the music, fitting to Sappho’s poetry and the belly-dancing, memorable – worth making a total fool of myself among the lissome and fluid pros!”–Jenna Orkin, journalist, author [including The Moron’s Guide to Global Collapse]

RELEASED in 2013!

Cover photo: Rain Bengis


In Concert at The


Saturday, November 2, 2013, 8pm
40 East 35th (between Park and Madison Aves), New York City

Sharing the stage with Linq

Admission; $18 –more or less–no one turned away; Members of PVC: $10

SeaWave Recordings Press Release:

The SeaWaves will be in concert with their passionate, playful and political LGBTQ+ sensibilities at the Peoples Voice Cafe, NYC on Saturday, November 2, 2013, at 8 pm, an event to honor the release of their new CD Talking Truth. In addition to The SeaWaves’ CDs, copies of Sinister Wisdom, a multicultural, multi-class lesbian literary & arts journal, published since l976, will be available for purchase.

These older lesbians sing out their promise of support and protection of our youth and all LGBTQ+ people. They express their outrage by exposing the Koch brothers’ march to an oligarchy, undermining possibility of building true democracy. Their soulful folk music rails against the erosion of our landmark Roe vs. Wade decision and women’s right to choice. And through the power and tenderness of song they express how their personal loves translate into compassionate solidarity with all peoples working for the good of all. They sing in solidarity with such organizations as the International Action Center, the Audre Lorde Project, the Tyler Clementi Foundation, NYC Up & Out, Women About, NYC LGBT Center, Lesbian Herstory Archives, SAGE, FIERCE, GLAAD, Workers World and many others to build a safe and nurturing environment.

The SeaWaves will be sharing the stage with Linq.


“Gather friends and lovers around, sit in the comfortable chair, cradle a cup of organic coffee or herbal tea. You are ready to enjoy a wonder evening with Talking Truth, performed by The SeaWaves. Talking Truth is deeply political, fiercely feminist, inspiring and heartwarming. This eclectic blend of music reminds us of the importance of both struggle and celebration.”–Julie R. Enszer, poet and co-editor of Sinister Wisdom

“… lovely selections about life, love, sexuality, being female, and the LGBTQ experience from Stonewall through the bullying crisis. … It is a keeper.” —Pam Parker, union activist & cultural worker

“It is heartening to hear the passion and clarity of commitment in these songs, evoking the activism of the seventies with some 21st century riffs added to good ballads and rants.” –Sorrel Hays, Composer

“Amazingly radical lyrics surrounded by beautiful music — What could be better?  Kudos to The SeaWaves for their continued commitment to social justice activism through music. Talking Truth does just that, by reminding us with each and every song of the power that we all have to change the world around us.” –Imani Henry, Activist, Writer, Performer

“Strong, melodic and political, like early mid 70’s politics. Talking Truth on many topics: relationships, hope for the coming years, a reminder of the joys and energy of the early years. Talking Truth: listen, remember and look forward.” –Marilyn Ries, Riessound

“Watch out! The SeaWaves are here and they are rolling in with a wonderful new CD, Talking Truth. The trio’s well-crafted songs bring one back to the heady days of a lesbian-feminist movement bursting with energy and optimism—when lesbian singer-songwriters were weaving new voices for sisterhood and challenging the entrenched monoliths of a male-controlled music industry.

“Listening to Talking Truth is a fabulous journey into the complex yet accessible visions of women who were there at the Happenings and participated in Street Theatre. Their voices are rich with the spontaneity and hutzpah of indomitable spirit and their voices are ethereal, sensuous, and teasing, the songs romantic, whimsical, yearning, and fun.

“When I came out in 1980, the world was much less forgiving of lesbians, and community meant you were not alone; you were part of a thriving, vibrant culture. Women’s music embodies an enthusiasm that celebrates the joys and triumphs as well as the trials and tribulations of our ever-evolving lesbian-feminist identities.” –-Merry Gangemi, producer & host Woman-Stirred Radio Radio Goddard WGDR/WGDH

seaWave-proof-4CD RELEASE PARTY!
Celebrate Gay Pride with The SeaWaves

Sunday, June 23, 2013, 5pm
The Solidarity Center
147 West 24th Street (between 6th & 7th Aves), 2nd fl.
New York City
Suggested Contribution: $10 (nobody turned away)

A Musical Potpourri!



The Solidarity Center

55 W. 17th St (between 5 th & 6 th Aves), 5th Fl. (elevator)
New York City

Info: 212 633-6646/seawavestudio@earthlink.net

Contribution: $10 ($5 seniors, students) no one turned away

An Autumn Infusion of Colorful Music

    • The Trio : Jeri Hilderley, Susan Ahlborn, Janet Mayes,
      with Lauren Draper, trumpet
    • Marilyn Miller and friends : Harriet Zellner, Thad McGar
      and Tracy Stark, accompanist
    • Heather Cottin and friends
    • The Rainbow Chorus

Blending passionate, playful music with lesbian and gay sensibilities, The Trio performs original and political songs from compositions on the Seawave Recordings label.

Cabaret entertainers Marilyn Miller, Harriet Zellner and Thad McGar (with Tracy Stark , accompanist) have brought their distinctive styles and wit to a variety of traditional and new songs at venues such as Don’t Tell Mama.

Motivating activists at rallies and other gatherings since the 60’s, folksinger/guitarist Heather Cottin presents her rousing political songs about war, exploitation, corporate greed, and workers rights.

Stay Tuned for Future Performances!

The SeaWaves are available for bookings at fundraisers, political demonstrations and events, parties, clubs, living room soirees and other venues. Contact The SeaWaves