This & That

Jeri always wanted red hair when she sang under the cherry tree in Riverside Park, NY. (Photo: Rain Bengis)
Jeri playing marimba on a rooftop in NYC in 1973 and fast forward to 2014. (Rooftop photo: Eric Lindbloom; Jeri with guitar: Brenda Sandberg; collage: Virginia Cahill & Lallan Schoenstein)
Jeri (left) with bassist Janet Mayes and guitarist Susan Alborn performing at The Solidarity Center in NYC (photo: Diane Johnson)
And because they call themselves The SeaWaves (Photo: Rain Bengis)
Jeri with sound engineer Bruce MacPherson “ProTooling” Time Traveling with Sappho (Photo: Janet Mayes)
Time Traveling With Sappho “came out” at the Rainbow Book Fair (Photo: Janet Mayes)

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