“Talking Truth” CD Release and Pride Concert

The Solidarity Center, NYC, June 23, 2013

Older lesbian musicians proudly sang out their original poetic, passionate and political compositions

Photos (except where indicated) are by Brenda Sandburg

The SeaWaves (left to right): Jeri Hilderley, Janet Mayes, and Susan Ahlborn
Jeri singing “Army of Support” about LGBTQ+ bullied youth.
Janet on bass in “You Were There When”, a lesbian love song.
Janet on keyboard (bells and drums) and Jeri on guitar.
Ovation for Susan singing “Fifty Fits You” , a love song celebrating a woman turning fifty.
The SeaWaves take bows after the finale, “Gay Beach at P-Town”.
Audio engineer Frank Annunziata and his assistant Matt working the board at The SeaWaves “Talking Truth” and Pride Concert.
Engineer Frank records and blends the mix.
the trio
Photo: Diane Johnson
These older lesbian musicians proudly pose after their CD “Talking Truth” Release Concert, in which they sang out their original poetic, passionate and political compositions. Photo: Diane Johnson
Rain Bengis, photographer of The SeaWaves on the CD cover.
Intermission at the SeaWaves CD Release Concert.


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