Et Al

Konstantinos Lardas, (Translator)

Konstantinos Lardas, Professor Emeritus, The City College of New York, CUNY, passionate and prolific writer, translator, beloved teacher, husband and father, was deeply inspiring to all who knew him. His book, And in him, too; in us: Poems [Generation: Ann Arbor, 1964], was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Published internationally in many journals and quarterlies, his short stories appeared in Atlantic Monthly and Harper’s. “The Broken Wings” appeared in The Best American Short Stories of 1973 [Martha Foley (ed.) Houghton Mifflin: Boston, 1973]. In The Mourning Songs of Greek Women [Garland: New York, 1992], Lardas commented, “I have tried to render these songs as poems in the English language.” He did not just translate; he transmitted the full emotional and lyrical expression to move people with the English language as he was moved by the original Greek. Selections from The Songs of Sappho: Anaplases appeared in several poetry reviews. He is archived by Pacifica Radio: Poetry in Our Time. Lardas’ translations of Sappho’s lyric poetry were gifted in its entirety to Jeri, from which she composed Time Traveling with Sappho. The complete volume of his translations will be published in the near future.

About Lardas’ work: “It exists in so many dimensions,…rich, slow, sluggish, languid, sensuous….”
–Austin Warren, American literary critic, author, and professor of English.

Bruce MacPherson (Sound Engineer)

Musician, composer, performer, keyboardist and Pro Tools expert, Bruce is the mixing and mastering sound engineer for The SeaWaves. Bruce has worked as the Sound designer and engineer for Philip Glass and has played keyboards with (among others) Fleetwood Mac, Lesley Gore and Thunder Road, and has his own band, Last Licks. He co-composed the music for Orphan Orca: Saving Springer, a PBS/NOAA production, for which he won an Emmy in 2005. The mixing and mastering sound consultant engineer for Talking Truth and Time Traveling with Sappho, he also composed and performs the soaring, lyrical keyboard part to “For the Good of All,” along with other instrumental touches in Talking Truth at just the right moment.

Marilyn Ruth Ries (Audio Engineer) 1937-2017

A star of the Women’s Music Network phenomenon which burst forth in the 70s, Marilyn’s masterful and innovative recordings brought hundreds of works by women composers and singers to the general public, forging the certainty: Yes, there are many women composers. I was fortunate to have Marilyn as my recording engineer for two of my albums, Jeritree’s House of Many Colours, and 12 Meditations on Love. (Jeri Hilderley) MORE ABOUT MARILYN

Virginia Cahill (Graphic Designer)

Virginia began her design career in California when Apple released their first personal computer. She returned to her native NY to work in magazine and newspaper publishing as a graphic designer. She worked for many news organizations, WSJ, NYT, AP, where she honed her skills as an art director. For the last many years she’s been a freelance designer. She designed the booklet and CD packaging for Time Traveling with Sappho.

Lallan Schoenstein (Graphic Designer)

Lallan designed the graphics and CD packaging for Talking Truth and 12 Meditations on Love. She also designed this SeaWave Recordings website.

Janet Mayes: (Bassist & Author)

Janet Mayes was very active in the 60s, 70s, 80s performing percussion in political theater and jazz and rock bands. Her early training was in classical piano and then in classical tympani and percussion, which she studied at Julliard Prep in the 50s, on scholarship with Morris Goldenberg, who performed under Arturo Toscanini in the NBC Symphony. She attended The High School of Performing Arts in NYC, and was a timpanist and percussionist in The All City Orchestra and in other college and community orchestras. When Janet and Jeri met in 2006 online via Concerned Singles, she picked up the electric bass so she could join with Jeri and Susan Ahlborn to form The SeaWaves. She writes political science fiction and is very active in the International Action Center, which brings together communities of people of color, women, lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer people, youth and students, immigrant and workers’ organizations in order to build a progressive movement for social justice and change. She composed the harpsichord part for “A Caring Place” and produced the booklet for Time Traveling with Sappho. She is a psychologist in private practice in New York City. She published her first novel, Beyond the Horse’s Eye – a Fantasy Out of Time, under the pen name Janet Rose. Janet manages this SeaWave Recordings website.

Susan Ahlborn (Vocal and Guitar)

Susan was trained on the clarinet and later on the piano at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. But when she picked up the guitar at 15 (mostly self taught) she never put it down. She has recorded her original compositions at Harborside Studio. She and Jeri have been playing together for several years, first forming a quartet, Some Folks (2004) and playing gigs at SAGE, nursing homes and for LGBTQ gatherings. Their original and “borrowed songs” built community, primarily for older people. They enjoy harmonizing together and just plain having fun with the music. Susan wrote the music for “Breathing” on Jeri’s first CD, 12 Meditations on Love and for three songs on Talking Truth (“Fifty Fits You,” “Changes?,” “For Jack”). “My parents were great music lovers and always had something playing on the stereo. Classical music was the favorite, followed by show tunes and Frank Sinatra. I would often sit in the living room with the album notes and just listen. I soon started making up my own songs, but always needed help with lyrics. Several years ago I met Jeri and started playing with her on a regular basis. Jeri is extremely creative and helped me to expand my musical repertoire. A few years ago Janet Mayes joined us and we gained a much-needed bass sound. As a group The SeaWaves have a great deal of fun. We each have a unique musical style and the blend works really well.”

Lauren Draper (Trumpet and Flugelhorn)

Lauren is a professional musician with a long career playing on Broadway and in the classical, Latin and commercial fields. She has performed/recorded with Isis, the Kit McClure Big Band, Robert Palmer, Barry White, the Radio City Music Hall orchestra and Machito. A Manhattan School of Music graduate with a master’s degree in trumpet performance, she teaches privately throughout the metropolitan area. She also has her own graphic and web design business, Lauren Draper Design. She plays trumpet and flugelhorn on Talking Truth.

Carole Raddato (Photographer)

“I am Carole. My favourite hobby is travelling and for the last 8 years I have taken a huge interest in the history of the ancient world. I usually don’t do things by halves, so I have dedicated all my free time to this passion.  I am particularly interested in anything related to the emperor Hadrian whom I find fascinating. He was himself an incessant traveller; visiting every province in the Empire during his reign. When I am looking for new ideas for my travels I usually take inspiration from his journeys and it is a great motivation for me to follow him in his footsteps. My Following Hadrian blog:  .”  Carole’s photograph of a marble head of Sappho is on the cover of Time Traveling with Sappho. It is a Roman copy of a portrait type belonging to the Hellenistic period. (Istanbul Archaeology Museum).

Eric Lindbloom (Photographer)

Eric was born in Detroit and graduated from the University of Michigan. He studied photography with Paul Caponigro and was one of the founding members of the Center for Photography in Woodstock. He’s had over thirty solo exhibitions of his photographs. Lindbloom has published four books of his work: Angels at the Arno, The River That Runs Two Ways (limited edition), Diana In Sight (limited edition), and Salt Grass. Lindbloom’s photographs are in a number of public collections, including The New York Public Library, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Alinari Museum in Florence, and the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. His photograph of Jeri playing marimba on a NYC rooftop is on the covers of 12 Meditations on Love and the booklet accompanying the CD Time Traveling With Sappho.

Rain Bengis (Photographer)

Rain is a “New York City based art photographer who loves to explore the mysterious in nature and in people. In working to create the CD cover photo for Talking Truth I wanted to depict the passion and political/feminist activism that these women convey in their inspirational songs. I want people to look at these women and see their strength, their joy, and their wisdom that keeps them young and hopeful, and filled with music. And, I want people to wonder about their stories!” Rain’s photos appear throughout this website and on many of the albums.

Naomi Cohen (Vocalist)

An activist since the l960s in the struggle against war, racism and sexism, Naomi was formerly a member of the All Peoples Singers. She is the lead vocal for “Reaching Out” on Talking Truth.

Susan Elizabeth Davis (Vocalist, Author)

An author/editor, Susan is a long-time activist in the struggle for women’s rights and social and economic justice. She joins The SeaWaves to sing “A Caring Place” on Talking Truth. Her first novel, Love Means Second Chances, was published by Bread & Roses Collaborative.

Pat Cox (Publicist) (1940-2014)

Pat was a music business veteran whose clients over the years included The Rascals, The Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, drummer Tony Williams, pianist Michel Camilo and the international jazz roster of SONY Music. She was also an exhibiting collagist in NYC and in various private collections here and abroad. In the late 70s and early 80s, Pat developed and taught “The History of Rock” at the New School for Social Research.

WordSpace Publications

Co-Producer of Time Traveling with Sappho, WordSpace Publications is an independent publishing company dedicated to “words by and for the 99 percent.” Its first publication was Beyond the Horse’s Eye – a Fantasy Out of Time by lesbian author Janet Rose.

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