12 Meditations on Love

Photo credit: Eric Lindbloom; cover and CD packaging design: Lallan Schoenstein

These 12 expressions of the mysterious & rejuvenating aspects of love are dedicated to lovers, friends, family, companions, comrades & emphatic beings who work to care-take all beloved creatures on this troubles, fragile planet.

The rich spectrum of emotions, textures and sounds pulsating through these songs, imaginatively mixed on her Seawave Recordings label, reminds us of the power of love and engagement that shape our lives.  The songs, though ageless in spirit, give expression to the complexities and joys, the passion and perseverance flowing through an older (been around the block) sensibility. They help expand the love song genre, all too often focused on love for the young.

For the GLBTQ community (and for straight people too!), her songs gently shout back at homophobes everywhere. It has taken a long time for our community to openly sing intimate, passionate love songs to each other.

“Blue Hydrangea”:

“Your Face is Beautiful”:

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“The mixing really is an accomplishment….What wonderful instrumental ensembles you work with; the flute, clarinet and sax sound so well together with your voice, as well as the really clever marimba and vibes touches.” – Sorrel Hays, opera composer

“The 12 Meditations are beautiful! We loved the songs and instrumentation and fell under their spell.” – Eric Lindbloom, photographer, and Nancy Willard, author

“Love inspired music with Operatic style: Jeri Hilderley’s newest release is 12 Meditations On Love. This album is a collection of avant-garde songs that revolve around Jeri’s almost operatic voice; which are meant as a celebration of nature’s gifts, love, and the positive sides of life in general. ‘Blue Hydrangea’ is a song in which Jeri sings energetically over mellow guitar picking, in a song inspired by the beauty of a flower. ‘Gay Beach in P-Town’  is more of a playful song, in which a duet of voices sings carefully over xylophone playing in remembrance of good times at a gay beach. ‘Company of Two’ is a song in which Jeri sings over a guitar and occasional cello in a song inspired by the possibilities of love between two people. This album is one that is made in dedication of the wonderful and mysterious quagmire that is love. If you enjoy calm, operatic singing, and love-inspired music then 12 Meditations On Love is an album you would enjoy hearing.” – Sean B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team

“Perhaps the most original and unique instrumental and vocal sounds you will ever hear. The songs are captivating and so creative. We highly recommend this CD and guarantee that you don’t have anything else like it in your CD collection.” – Cris and Beth Bengis

“The cd is very much an ode to love….One of the nicest aspects: women and love for women.…The painfulness of love lost is a commonality. I will listen to the cd often.” – Kathy Durkin, journalist and political analyst/activist

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