Sample: “Sea Wave” from forthcoming digital re-release of vinyl “Jeritree’s House of Many Colours”:

About Jeri Hilderley’s music:

“The music is avant-garde, improvisational as well as compositional….One might call it ‘classical,’ another ‘jazz.’ It could be either or both, but I think it defies classification….” – Kay Gardner, Composer, in Paid My Dues.

“To hear the songs of Jeri is to be carried out of oneself into some wholly new and remarkable time and place. There is no one like her, and no one now writing songs whose work stays with me the way hers does.”- Nancy Willard, poet/novelist

“…ethereal, sensuous, and teasing, the songs are romantic, whimsical, yearning, and fun.” – Merry Gangemi, Producer, Host, Woman-Stirred Radio, Radio Goddard, GDR.